A Consequence of Sequences

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As flute players, we are encouraged from the earliest stages to focus on our scales and arpeggios and, as we become more proficient, on our studies (├ętudes). Sadly, for young players, this can feel more like some form of punishment rather than a path to musical enjoyment and mastery. Heaven forbid that we should actually enjoy playing our instruments!

The benefits of regular practice in the above disciplines only really become apparent as we mature and gradually grasp the idea that they are musical activities, through which we can learn to sculpt our flute sound and personality. Even then, the connection between scales, arpeggios and studies is not necessarily an obvious one.

A Consequence of Sequences aims to bridge that gap. By blending certain characteristics of scales and arpeggios into the more enticingly melodious and harmonic structures of studies, this book of sequences (covering Breathing and Phrasing, Fingers, Articulation and Intervals) aims to provide an opportunity to work on demanding technical issues, in bite-sized and manageable segments.

1 review for A Consequence of Sequences

  1. Jenny Smith

    I’ve used this book in my lessons with my teacher and it’s an excellent comprehensive selection of sequence studies for sonority / fingering / intervals practice. The studies are just what I need for my warm ups, and there’s lots in there so I know I won’t get bored. Really useful book that I know I’ll use in every one of my practice sessions.

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