Simply Flute – Daily Exercises: Volume 1

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This book of exercises has been put together to help you gain better control of all flute playing aspects. By covering the four sections of Sonority, Articulation, Fingers and Intervals every day, you should quite soon notice improvements in all of these areas.

On a personal note, if life doesn’t allow me to spend hours a day on practice, I find that forty minutes in total (ten minutes with each section) on these exercises, will keep my playing in top condition. I very much hope that they will do the same for you!



  • Sonority Exercise 1
  • Sonority Exercise 2
  • Sonority Exercise 3


  • Articulation Exercise 1
  • Articulation Exercise 2
  • Articulation Exercise 3

Finger Gym

  • Finger Gym Exercise 1
  • Finger Gym Exercise 2
  • Finger Gym Exercise 3


  • Intervals Exercise 1
  • Intervals Exercise 2
  • Intervals Exercise 3

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